10 emerging trends in 2018 real estate

by Patrick Sisson

In its annual look ahead, the Urban Land Institute predicts a soft landing. That may seem totally tone-deaf when considering today’s news cycle and the overall tumult of 2017 thus far. But as far as the real estate industry is concerned, the immediate future promises a relatively smooth ride.

Unveiled during the organization’s annual fall meeting in Los Angeles this morning, the 2018 Emerging Trends in Real Estate report, a joint project between ULI and PricewaterhouseCoopers researchers, compiles more than 800 individual interviews and 1,600 surveys from a diverse array of real estate, economic, and development professionals.

Whether it’s urban row houses, transit-oriented development, or a new type of tract housing, practical and affordable mid-market homes, as well as starter homes and affordable rental units for young adults, remain potential goldmines for developers who figure out the right balance of price, land costs, location, and amenities. The higher-end market remains well-served. While margins are still good for those types of projects, building affordable housing at scale, in nearly any urban market in the country, would be welcome.

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